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Make sure your teeth are clean and healthy, no matter what!

Explore the benefits in ultrasonic tooth cleaning.

If you dread getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist, you're not alone - many people complain that the pulling and abrasive brush can be painful or uncomfortable. When you're looking for a better alternative, we have one - ultrasonic cleaning. With this new technology, a mechanical device vibrates a small water-cooled metal tip that gently removes the unwanted deposits that buildup on your teeth. More comfortable and faster than traditional cleaning, you'll soon see how clean your teeth can really feel!  

Get the best clean your teeth have ever felt!

Do you ever feel as though your teeth aren't as clean as they could be? Do you leave the dentist feeling as though your teeth could still be cleaner? With an ultrasonic cleaning treatment from Gregory Sy, DDS & Associates, a new kind of clean is possible!

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