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Get quality fillings and stop your cavities in their tracks!

Explore the benefits of metal-free fillings with help from our team!

For decades, dentists across the world have been using metal fillings to stop cavities. Today, we have better technology. At Gregory Sy, DDS & Associates, we only use non-metal fillings to ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy. Tooth-colored composite fillings are a safer, stronger, more attractive and more enduring alternative to metal. They conservatively restore your teeth to strength and your smile to beauty, which is why they're the choice our team makes for each and every cavity we treat.


Need new fillings or want to replace your metal ones? We have everything you need.

Say goodbye to cavities!

Cavities can happen to anyone, no matter how well you brush your teeth. When you're in pain and you need help, you can get the gentle, caring dental assistance you need from Gregory Sy, DDS & Associates. Our team will examine your team, clean your teeth, and make the fillings process clean and easy.

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